Dave Sansom Photography

This site is dedicated to golf course photography, landscape photography, plus a bit of architectural and resort photography. If you dig deeply enough, you may even find some surprises. In spite of the fact that I generally shy away from event and wedding photography, you'll even find a small sampling of images from those areas.

Landscape photography is a joy. It's impossible to spend any time in nature, photographing the light, the colors... the incredible variety waiting for anyone willing to take the time to see, and not find one's faith confirmed. This amazing earth is no accident, and the stories it tells us are endless.

What is clear, though, on this site is that most of my time is spent photographing golf courses. Golf course photography is very similar to landscape photography, but the story has already been told by the designer. My job is merely to share that story in the most effective way I can.

All the public photo galleries are accessible under, oddly enough, "Photo Galleries". If you don't have much time, I'd recommend you visit any of the Portfolio galleries. But if you have more than just a moment, sit back, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine or something that better suits your tastes, and let me show you a bit of my world.

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Dave Sansom